5 Reasons to Undergo an Upper Blepharoplasty

blepharoplasty houstonOne of the first things we see when looking in the mirror are our eyes.  Likewise, when engaging with others, the first thing we notice and may connect with are the eyes of that individual. As a lot of nonverbal communication is transmitted through the eyes, we know how important it is to feel confident in how we look and how that allows us to open up to others more readily.

Not surprisingly, due to the expressive and thin nature of the skin around our eyes, they are one of the first parts of the body that shows signs of aging. This is where an upper blepharoplasty may help. The upper blepharoplasty is one of the most popular procedures people in Houston request as people want to look as youthful and beautiful as possible. Here are some of the top reasons why Houston residents opt to undergo upper blepharoplasty.

  1. Perk Up the Eyes

As we get older, extra skin can form on the upper eyelids. This can give off the appearance of droopy eyes and as a result, make people look sad or fatigued. An upper blepharoplasty perks up the eyes by creating a new eyelid crease and effectively eliminates the appearance of being fatigued. People who have perky eyes when they look in the mirror typically experience an immediate boost in self-esteem and confidence. Try it and see!

  1. The Procedure Is Quick

Another benefit of upper blepharoplasty is the procedure itself is very quick and effective. It generally takes no more than an hour from start to finish and is done completely in the office of Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig. And since the procedure is minimally invasive, normal activities can be resumed shortly afterward.

  1. Create a Youthful Appearance

It is amazing how an upper blepharoplasty procedure can reduce the appearance of aging so quickly and significantly. Patients in Houston are proud of the way they look, but sometimes aging eyes can take over. Additionally, patients will enjoy enhanced eyes that still look entirely natural. The other attributes of the face will not be altered at all throughout the upper blepharoplasty process so that patients receive the benefit of targeted enhancements.

  1. Boost Self-Confidence

Everyone can use a boost of self-confidence now and then!  At times, prospective patients in Houston will visit Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig indicating they need to change something with their appearance to help them feel younger, energized and more confident; but, they are not confident on what they may want or need to change. Often a quick upper blepharoplasty procedure is all that’s needed to give patients the boost of self-confidence. It is a delight, especially as a surgeon, to know the patient did not even know the eyes were a key and a needed boost to an overall feeling of self-confidence.

  1. Increase Energy

When people are happy with the face they see in the mirror, there is a certain amount of energy that overcomes them. Patients who know they look good will also feel good throughout the day and display youthful energy they may not have had previously.

Fusi & Craig Plastic Surgery wants to help everyone in Houston feel confident, young and energized in their own body. The human body will naturally change over time, and sometimes all it takes is a simple upper blepharoplasty to restore the youthfulness and create more energy and confidence.

To learn more about the upper blepharoplasty procedure and how Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will work to boost your confidence, contact us by calling (713) 346-9909 today to schedule a consultation.