Dr. Craig was an Assistant Professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston after completing a microsurgical fellowship at the same institution. She completed her residency in plastic surgery at Yale Medical School where she acquired advanced training in reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. Dr. Craig has sought out the world’s leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons for direct training to enhance their surgical techniques.

What is Orthopedic Reconstruction?

Orthopedic injuries that require surgical intervention are commonplace in Houston patients. These injuries involve bone and muscle, often causing debilitating pain or restricting movement. Houston patients can incur orthopedic injuries from:

  • Demanding physical activities such as sports or hiking.
  • Tumors that affect muscle and bone.
  • Cancer and other degenerative diseases.
  • Trauma sustained from falls, car accidents, or other sudden events.
  • Congenital problems with feet or other parts of the body.
  • Infection of a wound that spreads to surrounding tissue and bone.

Depending on the diagnosis and severity of your condition, an orthopedist may recommend surgery to regain range of motion. The orthopedic reconstruction aspect of your surgery is to ensure minimal scarring and restore function as much as possible.

Why Should I Consider Orthopedic Reconstruction?

An orthopedist’s primary concern is to restore the function of your injury. Your plastic surgeon will assist in minimizing scars and developing the best method for reconstruction. Houston patients who are left with orthopedic injuries and need reconstruction may benefit from reconstruction that provides soft tissue coverage of vital structures and minimizes scarring.

What Will Happen During Orthopedic Reconstructive Surgery?

After thoroughly examining your medical history and condition, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will develop a treatment plan.  Ideally, your reconstructive surgery will be performed at the same time as your orthopedic procedure but depends on a case-by-case basis. This allows the surgeons to collaborate for your treatment and provide you with the best possible outcome.

Different Methods of Orthopedic Reconstruction

There are a variety of techniques for orthopedic reconstruction suited for different conditions. Selecting the right method for your specific procedure is an important step to restoring your appearance. The most common techniques for orthopedic reconstruction are:

  • Scar minimizing closure to reduce the size and thickness of your scar.
  • Tissue graft to replace tissue removed by the orthopedic surgeon.
  • Skin graft to restore skin that has been excised during surgery.
  • Flap reconstruction to transfer skin and tissue from a nearby location.

Our doctors have extensive training in innovative orthopedic reconstructive procedures that employ microsurgical techniques to maximize the durability and coverage to the injured area.

What Will Happen During the Orthopedic Reconstruction Surgery?

With the information gathered from your consultation, Drs. Fusi and Craig will thoughtfully structure a treatment plan for your orthopedic reconstruction. If the procedure is combined with your initial surgery, then they will discuss options with your orthopedic surgeon to arrive at the best possible outcome. On the day of your surgery, our doctors will:

  • Cover the injured area by grafting tissue, skin, or blood vessels to the surgical site.
  • Close the incision to promote minimal scarring.

The length of your surgery and time you remain in the hospital depends on your condition. Most Houston patients will spend a few nights to a week in the hospital.

Recovering from Orthopedic Reconstruction

After orthopedic reconstruction you should limit your activities for the first few weeks. Your orthopedist will provide you with a timeline for recovery that outlines specific instructions. Because orthopedic surgery involves bone and tissue, it is normal for healing to take a significant period of time and physical therapy to fully recover.

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