“Open” Rhinoplasty vs. “Closed” Rhinoplasty Surgery

rhinoplasty houstonWhen a patient in Houston decides to pursue rhinoplasty surgery, there are a few considerations to make. Of course, the cosmetic results are at the forefront of every patient’s mind, but it is also important to consider the approach used during the rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will explain open rhinoplasty compared to closed rhinoplasty to every patient to ensure they have the proper expectations and know the benefits of each procedure.

Sometimes patients won’t have a choice, due to the type of work being performed and their particular nasal skeleton. However, patients will feel comfortable and confident after speaking with Dr. Fusi or Dr. Craig in feeling reassured that the procedure is most appropriate for them and their specific concerns specific patient regardless of the approach chosen. To prepare you for some of the conversation, the following may be of help.Here are how the approaches differ. 

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty involves a small bridging incision that connects the incisions made in the right and left nostril. With this method, the surgeon can have a clear view of the nasal structure since they are able to fold the nasal skin back. Because of this clarity, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig can perform the procedure more accurately and generally do more extensive work if desired or perhaps, if needed.

One reason why some patients in Houston choose not to have open rhinoplasty is the possibility that the incision will be visible. This is always a possibility, but when Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig performs the procedure, any scars in the area will only be faintly visible.

Closed Rhinoplasty

The main benefit of closed rhinoplasty is there is less no chance of any a visible scars on the skin since the incision is made inside the nostril. It’s also an attractive approach since it is much less invasive than the open rhinoplasty procedure, meaning the recovery timeline will be abbreviated as well.

It takes experienced surgeons like Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig to perform closed rhinoplasty with the effectiveness patients desire. The repositioning of the nasal skin is a little more challenging with this procedure since the incisions in the right, and left nostrils are disconnected. The surgeon will not have as much visibility throughout the procedure, which could potentially limit the amount of reshaping that can be accomplished. With several years of successful procedures and so many happy patients, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will review your specific needs with you as an individual patient in order to achieve the best outcome for you.

The Choice of Surgeon Is Most Important

When it comes to choosing between open or closed rhinoplasty, neither the surgeon nor the patient can would decide on their own. After consultations and collaboration, patients in Houston should feel confident with their decision and have the proper expectations going into the procedure with Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig. Everyone’s nasal anatomy is different, so Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig can’t make any recommendations until they do a complete evaluation of the patient. The key to a successful rhinoplasty of either type is to have an open dialogue with the surgeon and express all needs, wants and goals.

Fusi and Craig Plastic Surgery does everything possible in order to achieve the results each patient wants following their rhinoplasty surgery. Houston patients typically have more freedom to choose which type they want, since Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig have the expertise to perform both types of rhinoplasty with impressive results.

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation, so contact us today at (713) 346-9909 to be on your way to having the results and appearance improvements you desire.