Dr. Craig has completed advanced training in plastic surgery from Yale and a microsurgical fellowship at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where she taught in the plastic surgery department prior to joining the successful practice of Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig has traveled throughout the world to learn directly from leading plastic surgeons in a number of specializations.

What Is General Surgery Reconstruction?

A general surgeon is responsible for operating on nearly every part of the body and is involved in repairing trauma or medical conditions of the:

  • Gastrointestinal tract.
  • Skin.
  • Soft Tissue.
  • Abdomen.

Although general surgeons are qualified to treat medical conditions, few are trained in aesthetic techniques to minimize scarring after surgery. General surgery reconstruction involves your general surgeon and plastic surgeon collaborating to provide you with the best possible function and aesthetic result.

How Can a Plastic Surgeon Minimize My Scar from General Surgery?

While your general surgeon provides necessary and often life-saving treatment for several ailments, your appearance is a secondary consideration. By partnering with a plastic surgeon, you can improve the appearance of your scar.

What Will Happen During General Surgery Reconstruction?

On the day of your surgery, you will meet your general surgeon at the surgery center. After an anesthesiologist administers anesthesia:

  • Your general surgeon will make the initial incision.
  • He or she will then repair the medical condition to improve your quality of life.
  • Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will close the incision and perform any abdominal wall reconstruction by applying aesthetic and reconstructive techniques to minimize scarring.

Houston patients who have preexisting scars from general surgery can schedule a consultation with Dr. Craig to learn more about how to improve the appearance of their scars.

Healing from General Surgery Reconstruction

Your general surgery recovery is highly dependent on the extent and location of your procedure. While you may be able to return to your normal routine within a month, your scar will take more time to mature. Most scars take between six months and one year to assume their final form.

If you are undergoing general surgery, schedule a consultation to minimize scarring. Contact our Houston office at (713) 346-9909 today.