Quick Guide to Easy Recovery from a Facelift

facelift houstonPatients in Houston are always pleased with the results they get from a facelift performed by Dr. Fusi or Dr. Craig. Every patient has their own needs and desires, so whether the facelift was minimal or extensive, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig work closely with each patient to discuss the needs and process in as much detail as needed. But in order to achieve those final results, there’s a recovery process to take into consideration. Patients can enjoy the results of a facelift for many years, especially when the recovery routine is followed closely for the first few weeks.  Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will explain the recovery process clearly, and in support of those in-person discussions, here is a quick guide to help patients get back to their daily routine and enjoy their facelift for years to come.

Limit Activity for a Few Days

For at least a few days and up to a week, patients are encouraged to take it easy and allow the body to rest. Take this time away from work and rest at home as much as possible. The face needs some time to recover from the procedure regardless of the extensive nature of the procedure. Most patients will feel good enough to take a light walk after a couple of days following their facelift, but it should not be intense or lengthy in any way. Laying on a recliner, sofa or bed with the head elevated is highly recommended. Take the time to enjoy some rest and relaxation during the week following the facelift.

Slowly Increase Activity Intensity

During the second week following a facelift, patients generally feel like they are able to do more activities. At this time, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig may clear a patient to go back to work after depending on the nature of the procedure, patient’s overall wellbeing and duties of the job. The results from the facelift won’t be final just yet; but as patients feel better and begin to increase their activity level, the recovery process will be expedited.

Resume Regular Activities After a Couple Weeks

By the third week after a facelift, life should return to almost normal. It is still important to listen to the body and slow down if something does not feel quite right. Even though patients will feel better after two weeks, it’s still important to be conscious and take great care of the skin going forward in order to reap all the benefits of the facelift. This includes protecting the skin from the sun, staying hydrated and taking other steps that Dr, Fusi and Dr. Craig will recommend to help maintain the results.

Listen to the Cosmetic Surgeon’s Recommendations

Every facelift performed is slightly different, and every patient in Houston or anywhere else in the world recovers differently. While Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will give patients standard recovery recommendations, they will also take the time to make suggestions based on your individual lifestyle. Following these recommendations closely will ensure the easiest recovery and the best results from the facelift.

Fusia & Craig Plastic Surgery strives to transform every patient’s life. No matter what cosmetic procedure you need, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will exhaust all of their resources and expertise to create the best results possible. 

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