Dr. Craig is a Yale-trained board certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She has been trained by renowned brow lift surgeon Dr. Timothy J. Marten and often utilize his combined fat grafting technique for more natural brow lift results.

What Is a Brow Lift?

Repeatedly furrowing our brows with worry, anxiety, or thought is reflected in increasingly deep vertical lines on an otherwise smooth forehead. A brow lift tightens the underlying muscles to:

  • Reposition eyebrows to appear youthful and alert.
  • Lift brows that cause hooded upper eyelids.
  • Smooth horizontal wrinkles on your forehead.

A brow lift will result in a smooth brow and sometimes minor corrections in the appearance of your upper eyelids. If you require additional focus on your upper eyelids, Dr. Fusi and Craig will recommend an upper blepharoplasty to separately address this issue.

During Your Consultation

A consultation is the first step to obtaining your ideal appearance and an opportunity for you to receive in-depth information about the procedure from experienced plastic surgeons. During your consultation, our doctors will discuss:

  • Your expectations for surgery.
  • Results that can be achieved.
  • Your concerns and questions.
  • Cost and risks associated with surgery.

During your consultation, Drs. Fusi and Craig will perform a thorough examination and review all of your medical history to ensure that your procedure is safe and effective.

Considerations for Your Procedure

When our doctors evaluate the structure and proportion of your facial features, they will determine the best approach to your brow lift. By examining your brow in relation to other facial features Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will:

  • Preserve your natural hairline.
  • Create a youthful appearance that appears natural.
  • Take facial measurements for proportional results.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

Once you have decided to undergo a brow lift, our doctors will meet you at an accredited outpatient surgical facility on the day of surgery in the Houston area. A certified anesthesiologist will administer either sedation or general anesthesia to prepare you for the procedure. After the anesthesia has taken effect, Drs. Fusi and Craig will:

  • Make an incision concealed in your hairline.
  • Adjust muscle and tissue to smooth wrinkles, creases, and lines on your forehead where possible.
  • Close the incision to minimize scarring.

When you awake from surgery, you will remain in the recovery room until your anesthesia has worn off and a friend or relative accompanies you home. Most patients return home the same day as their operation.

Recovering from Your Brow Lift

Although a brow lift is a safe plastic surgery procedure with minimal risks, you will need one week to recover. During your recovery period, there are some common symptoms that you will experience such as:

  • Bruising.
  • Swelling.
  • Pain.
  • Numbness and/or tingling.

Our doctors will leave you with home care instructions and schedule a follow-up exam soon after surgery to check that you are healing well.

Activities to Avoid

As your body recovers from surgery, there are several activities you should avoid for the first few weeks after your brow lift. These are:

  • High-intensity exercise or sports.
  • Lifting objects that weigh over 5 pounds.
  • Rapid movement.

Drs. Fusi and Craig will inform you when these activities can be resumed during your follow-up exam.

Results of Your Brow Lift

Although your results will be apparent immediately after surgery, they will continue to improve as your swelling and bruising go down. When a brow lift is combined with a facelift or blepharoplasty, the results are even more pronounced. To maintain your youthful brow, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig recommend that you avoid direct sun and protect yourself with a high SPF sunscreen.

To develop a tailored brow lift treatment plan, call our offices in Houston at 203-458-4444 or Houston at 713-346-9909.