Tummy Tuck Connecticut and Houston

Dr. Fusi F.A.C.S. M.B.A. is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over twenty years of experience in cosmetic surgery. As a clinical faculty member at the Yale School of Medicine’s Section of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Fusi provides innovative procedures that create the most refined aesthetic results.

Dr. Craig has is also a board-certified plastic surgeon who obtained her microsurgical training at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Connecticut and Houston and plastic surgery training at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Craig performs complex aesthetic procedures, continuously developing her techniques through individualized training from experts in the field from all over the world.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

The mark of a well-toned abdomen is skin stretched tightly across muscle with little fat. While diet and exercise can reduce fat and tone underlying abdominal muscles, some patients have excess skin that prevents them from attaining a toned abdomen. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat to achieve a flatter stomach by:

  • Excising sagging skin.
  • Reapproximating separated abdominal muscles to their original position.
  • Removing fat to improve contour.

Connecticut patients who undergo a tummy tuck are recommended to attain their ideal weight prior to the tummy tuck, which is called an abdominoplasty, to ensure the best possible and lasting results.

Ideal Tummy Tuck Patient

Because a tummy tuck removes skin from the stomach to reveal a firmer, toner abdomen, patients should:

  • Attain and maintain their ideal weight before their surgery.
  • Delay surgery until after the birth of their last child.
  • Continue proper diet and exercise to maintain results.

Although the results of a tummy tuck will remain with small fluctuations in weight, gaining or losing a significant amount of weight can dramatically affect your results.

Should I Come in for a Consultation?

Connecticut patients considering a tummy tuck will need an expert’s perspective during a one-on-one consultation from a qualified plastic surgeon. Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig encourage patients to visit their office for a thorough exam and visit on how to improve the contour of your abdomen using the latest techniques. During your consultation, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will:

  • Review your expectations and goals for surgery.
  • Review your medical history to confirm that you are in good health for the procedure.
  • Educate you about what the procedure will accomplish, options for anesthesia, and costs.

Although patients should expect some scarring from a tummy tuck, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will evaluate the best possible technique and location for a scar so that it can be concealed with clothing.

What Happens During a Tummy Tuck?

Once you have agreed to a treatment plan with Dr. Fusi or Dr. Craig, a convenient time and date for surgery at a local outpatient surgery center will be scheduled. Before the procedure begins you will be given anesthesia to ensure your comfort. After the anesthesia has taken effect Dr. Fusi or Dr. Craig will:

  • Make an incision that extends along the bikini line.
  • Remove excess skin and fat to contour your abdomen.
  • Close the incision to promote healing and minimize scarring.

When your surgery has concluded, you will be taken to a recovery room to rest comfortably until the anesthesia wears off. You will return home the same day as surgery.

How Long Will Recovery Take?

Although recovery time varies based on your body’s natural healing process, most patients experience one week of discomfort before they are able to return to their normal routine. In the initial post-operative period it can be normal to experience some:

  • Swelling.
  • Abdominal tightness.
  • Pain.
  • Temporary numbness in the skin right above the incision.

Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig will give you specific instructions on post-operative care, recovery time, and any prescriptions you may need. As you heal, you will return for follow-up exams to check on your healing progress.

If you have excess skin caused that is unresponsive to diet and exercise, schedule a consultation at our offices in Connecticut at 203-458-4444 or Houston at 713-346-9909.