Will Weight Loss Affect The Results Of My Breast Augmentation?

Weight-Loss-And-Breast-Augmentation-Houston-And-ConnecticutIf you’re considering a breast augmentation procedure in Houston to correct asymmetrical, mismatched sized or underdeveloped breasts, you may be wondering, “What happens if I lose weight after my breast augmentation? Will my breasts look different?” Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig have counseled several Houston women on breast augmentation surgery, and they are here to answer your questions, too. Read on to discover some important things you need to know about breast augmentation surgery and weight loss.

Weight Loss May Be a Part of Your Overall Treatment Plan.

Many Houston women who are considering plastic surgery such as a breast augmentation are doing so to correct congenital issues and feel more confident about their bodies. And for some women, that boost in confidence may also include the goal of losing excess weight. If you are like countless other women and thinking seriously about this type of procedure, make sure you let your plastic surgeon know that you are also planning to lose weight. In Houston, plastic surgeons Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig can evaluate how your weight loss goals fit into your overall treatment plan.

Weight Loss Might Affect Your Breast Shape.

Any time you lose weight, you lose fat cells. Some women store a lot of fat cells in their breasts, and others don’t. If you typically lose weight in your breasts when you shed a few pounds, then you can expect to lose weight in your breasts with any future post-implant weight loss, too.

But while your implants’ size will likely be unaffected by any loss of natural breast tissue, their appearance may change. Losing a significant amount of natural breast tissue after a breast augmentation can result in saggy looking breasts, regardless of whether the implants are inserted in front of or behind your pectoral muscles. And if you lose a lot of natural breast tissue, the natural looking results of your implants may be affected, too. If you typically lose weight in your breasts, it may be best to wait until your weight stabilizes to undergo a breast augmentation procedure.

Weight Loss Might Not Be a Factor at All.

Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig typically find that most women who are considering breast augmentation have a naturally small amount of breast tissue, to begin with. And women with a naturally small amount of breast tissue typically don’t store a lot of fat in their breasts. This means, when these women lose weight, the size of their breasts often remains unchanged. If this sounds like your body type, then you likely won’t notice any change in natural breast tissue or in your breast implant appearance after losing excess weight. In fact, you may feel even more confident in your newly slimmed down body!

Contact Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig With Any Questions

Before you undergo any plastic surgery procedure, it’s important that you are well educated on the process and possible side effects. If you are interested in breast augmentation, but also plan to lose weight, then reach out to Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig at their Houston office at (713) 346-9909 for a consultation. They’ll be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.