Will My Breasts Feel Natural After a Breast Augmentation?

breast augmentation connecticutFor many Houston women who are considering a breast augmentation surgery, one of their primary concerns is, “Will my breasts feel natural after breast augmentation?” After all, many women who undergo breast augmentation surgery do so to make their breasts look more natural, whether their breasts are naturally asymmetrical, different sizes or they have an inherited condition that caused their breasts to develop improperly during puberty. Houston plastic surgeons Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig have several years of experience performing breast augmentations, and they are here to offer these tips to ensure that your breasts look and feel natural after surgery.

Consider Your Implant Type and Shape.

Some Houston women visit their plastic surgeon’s office already convinced of the type and shape of implant they want. But it’s important to discuss your breast augmentation goals with your plastic surgeon so that you can get their expert advice. In general, silicone implants tend to have a more natural look and feel compared to saline implants, but saline implants can appear natural if they aren’t placed too high or overfilled. Additionally, highly cohesive gel implants that are filled with a thicker silicone can also have a firmer feel and appearance. These teardrop implants, as opposed to typical round silicon or saline implants, better mimic the natural shape of the breast.

How Much Natural Breast Tissue Do You Have?

The amount of natural breast tissue that you have will greatly affect the results of your breast augmentation. If you have small breasts, it’s recommended that you choose a silicone breast implant, which won’t ripple to the degree that saline implants can. If you have a larger amount of natural breast tissue, it’s more likely that your results will look and feel more natural.

Implant Placement: Above or Behind the Pectoral Muscle?

Implants look and feel more natural when they are covered by a lot of natural breast tissue. For women with smaller breasts, it may be wise to insert the implant behind the pectoral muscle, to give them a more natural appearance. While sub-muscular implants can appear more natural, they can also result in more post-operative pain, initially settle higher (though they do settle down within six months), and temporarily change appearance when you flex your pectoral muscles.

What Size of Implant Should I Get?

Many women considering breast augmentation surgery have an ideal breast size in mind. But here again, it’s important to consult with your plastic surgeon to get the most natural-looking results. Larger implants may never look natural. Another factor to consider is the natural breast tissue to implant size ratio. If your ratio becomes skewed by a large implant, you likely won’t have natural-looking results.

Post Breast Augmentation Massage

If you’re considering a breast augmentation in Houston, consult with your plastic surgeon to see if it makes sense for you to regularly perform post-procedure breast massages. For some implant types, post-procedure massages help create a soft capsule and allow for natural movement, adding to the overall natural look of your breast implants.

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