Can I Have Breast Reconstruction During the Mastectomy Procedure?

Breast Reconstruction ConnecticutMany Houston women who are facing a mastectomy – either due to a breast cancer diagnosis or being classified as high risk for breast cancer in the future – also want to reconstruct their breasts. And, it’s no wonder why. Breasts are one of the most personal aspects of a Houston woman’s body, and one of the defining features that make her feel feminine. Needing to remove one or both of your breasts can be a very trying and emotional time, but knowing that you can reconstruct them can be very empowering for mastectomy patients.

Since a mastectomy is such a dramatic procedure, many Houston women who want to have their breasts reconstructed want that procedure done as soon as possible. Fortunately for them, breast reconstruction can be performed during the mastectomy surgery, so that Houston women are never without breasts and don’t require multiple surgeries.

Who Performs a Breast Reconstruction During a Mastectomy?

If you are having your breast or breasts removed, a surgeon trained and skilled in mastectomies will remove them completely, so that all your cancerous tissue is removed and the breasts can be biopsied. After the breasts are removed, a plastic surgeon like Houston’s Dr. Fusi or Dr. Craig will take over in the operating room and perform the breast reconstruction. While having a breast reconstruction during a mastectomy can take several hours to complete, many Houston women prefer combining these two procedures into one surgery so that they do not require multiple surgeries and hospitalizations in the future.

What If I Want to Wait to Have a Breast Reconstruction?

Sometimes, either due to medical reasons or personal preference, Houston women choose to delay breast reconstruction surgery. That is a fine choice and one with which Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig are familiar. If you choose to have a mastectomy performed, and then a breast reconstruction a few months or even years later, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig can help you reshape your body to your desired form whenever you are ready.

What Are My Breast Reconstruction Options?

Whether you have a breast reconstruction performed at the time of a mastectomy, or months or years later, you have two basic breast reconstruction surgery options: flap surgery and breast implant-based reconstruction.

Flap surgery is when tissue, blood vessels, and skin are taken from a donor site on your body, typically your abdomen, buttocks, hips or thighs, and then used to reconstruct your breasts. Many Houston women prefer flap breast reconstruction because it results in a more natural feeling breast. However, some women will not be eligible for flap reconstruction surgery, such as women who are too thin to provide donor tissue for a flap breast reconstruction. If you are not eligible for or choose not to have a flap reconstruction, you can have a breast implant-based reconstruction surgery, in which a silicone or saline implant is placed underneath your pectoral muscle. A breast implant-based reconstruction is a quicker procedure. However, it may require additional surgeries in the future, especially if you have your breast implant for several years and need to have it replaced at a later date.

How Can I Learn More About Breast Reconstruction?

If you’re a Houston woman facing a mastectomy, and you want to restore your breasts, the best thing you can do is schedule a breast reconstruction consultation with Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig. During this complimentary appointment, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig will review your case, listen to your desires and concerns, perform a full breast evaluation and recommend the procedure they feel best fits your unique circumstances.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig today, call (203) 458-4444.