Can I Have a Breast Augmentation if I’m Planning on Having Kids in the Future?

Breast Augmentation Houston Some Houston women who desire a breast augmentation incorrectly assume that if they want to have children in the future, or have already had children but plan to add more to their family, that they have to wait until they are done bearing children to have a breast augmentation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that women who want to breastfeed future children do have some special considerations to make when choosing their incision type, there is no reason you can’t have a breast augmentation before you are done adding to your family.

Is it Safe to Breastfeed Your Baby if You Have Breast Implants?

One of the main reasons that Houston women suspect they must wait until after having children to have a breast augmentation is they believe that breast implants will interfere with breastfeeding. For most women, this is not the case. It is completely safe for you to breastfeed after having implants placed, and there is no additional risk to your baby than if you were feeding him or her with your un-augmented breasts.

Women Who Plan to Breastfeed Should Carefully Consider Their Surgery Incision Type

Houston women should be educated about the four breast augmentation incisions types:

  • Inframammary, in which a surgical incision is placed at the bottom of where the breast meets the rib cage;
  • Periareolar, in which an incision is made along the areola to place the breast implant;
  • Transumbilical, in which a small incision is placed in the belly button and the implant is “moved up” to the breast via a channel that is created; and
  • Transaxillary, in which an incision is made under the arm, and the breast implant is moved to the breast site through a channel that is created.

While all four of these incision types are safe for pregnancy, women who plan to breastfeed future children shouldn’t select the periareolar incision type. The reason – this incision type can cut through milk ducts, making it more difficult or even impossible to breastfeed your future children.

Will Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Require Me to Have a Second Breast Augmentation After I Have Children?

Many Houston women delay getting a breast augmentation until they are through having children because they believe that pregnancy and breastfeeding will negate their results. This is not necessarily true. While it’s true that postpartum women can have a decrease in breast volume and sagging breasts after they have completed breastfeeding, if they choose to do so, it is unlikely that a woman with breast implants will lose this volume. You may, however, find that even if you have breast implants, your breasts are sagging after bearing and breastfeeding children. In this case, a breast lift – not an additional breast augmentation – may be necessary to maintain your former look.

Get All Your Questions Answered

When screening potential breast augmentation candidates for surgery, one of the questions our doctors will ask women of childbearing age is if they plan to have any (or any more) children. This is so they can best formulate a personalized treatment plan for you, and avoid the periareolar incision if you think you may be interested in breastfeeding.

If you have any additional questions about getting this procedure performed before future or subsequent pregnancies, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fusi or Dr. Craig to have all your questions answered. You can reach us today at our Houston office by calling (713) 346-9909.