Can a Mini Facelift Restore the Definition of My Chin?

facelift houstonThey’re a natural part of the aging process – jowls. These pieces of skin, which hang and sag off of your chin due to a loss in skin elasticity, can not only make you look older but completely change the overall look of your face. Also, jowls are not something that are reserved only for those who are older. They can start in your 30s and 40s, making you appear much older than you are.

Many Houston residents think that jowls in their 30s and 40s are something they simply have to live with because they are too young to have facial rejuvenation performed via a face lift. However, that just isn’t true. By getting a mini facelift, which is a less invasive version of the full-blown procedure, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig can redefine your chin area, making it look sleeker, tauter, and more youthful.

How Does a Mini Facelift Change The Look of My Chin?

If you have jowls, Houston plastic surgeons Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig may make hidden incisions in your hairline, starting as high up as your sideburn area if needed, then following your hairline around the curves of the ear lobe to the posterior areas of the ear, neck, and scalp. From there, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig can nip and tuck, giving you a tighter, yet natural looking cheek and chin appearance.

What Else Can a Mini Facelift Address?

When Houston men and women hear how effective a mini facelift is for the treatment of jowls, they’re often curious what other facial conditions this lighter plastic surgery procedure can resolve. In addition to addressing jowls, a mini facelift is intended to rework your mid-facial area, allowing Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig to adjust sagging skin, sunken cheeks, and smooth out fine wrinkles.

How Do I Know if a Mini Facelift is Right for Me?                 

It ‘s hard for the untrained eye to see whether or not a Houston man or woman needs a full facelift, or if a mini facelift will suffice. That’s why it’s so important for potential patients wanting facial rejuvenation to visit Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig for a consultation to determine the best course of action for their situation. Typically, though, you are a good candidate for a mini facelift if:

  • You’re in your 30s or 40s and beginning to show signs of aging, but don’t have enough facial changes to warrant a full facelift;
  • Overall, you’re generally in good health;
  • You’re in good psychological health and have realistic expectations for your mini facelift procedure; and
  • You’re a non-smoker, as smoking can not only make the mini facelift procedure more difficult to perform, it can also make it harder for you to recover.

Schedule a Consultation Visit Today

You don’t have to be embarrassed by sagging jowls! If you want to regain your chin definition, you can visit Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig in their Houston offices for a consultation. During this initial visit, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig will examine your face, discuss your concerns about your problem areas, and come up with a personalized treatment plan for you.

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