3 Reasons Why You May Need Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty ConnecticutWhen most people think of rhinoplasty, they think of adjusting the shape of a nose to a more desirable aesthetic. While it’s true that many Houston patients undergo rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, rhinoplasty can also be performed for functional reasons, too. In fact, many Houston patients who have difficulty breathing undergo rhinoplasty every year. To help you better understand what circumstances rhinoplasty can resolve, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig of Houston’s Fusi & Craig Plastic Surgery have prepared this blog post about 3 reasons why you may need rhinoplasty surgery.

Reason #1: You Have a Nasal Hump That You Want Removed

One of the most common reasons that Houston patients choose rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons is to correct an unsightly nasal hump. A nasal hump, which often protrudes from your nose, can be an embarrassing facial feature that negatively affects the aesthetics of your profile. Removing a nasal hump is a routine procedure for Houston rhinoplasty plastic surgeons Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig.

Correcting a nasal hump includes several different surgical techniques. First, Houston rhinoplasty plastic surgeons Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig will shave the hump down. By surgically shaving the nasal hump, the doctors are able to provide you with a sleeker, more natural looking profile. Once the hump is shaved down, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig may perform lateral osteotomy, which is also known as breaking the nose. While some rhinoplasty patients think that this may be a harsh technique, it is necessary to narrow the nasal bone. Breaking the nose also closes the “open roof” that is sometimes created when rhinoplasty plastic surgeon shave a nasal hump.

Reason #2: You Have a Short Nose

Some Houston residents have a short nose that doesn’t fit proportionally on their face. This short nose could be the nose you were born with, or it could be the result of a previous rhinoplasty surgery that didn’t go as well as you had hoped for. Whatever the case, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig can perform rhinoplasty to lengthen a short nose.

There are three ways that a shortened nose can be elongated:

  • Radix Grafting

Some noses are short because the radix, or the upper start of the nose, sits lower on the face than usual. In this case, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig can perform radix grafting, which is the process of adding more cartilage to the top of the nose. This rhinoplasty surgical technique allows the nose to begin at a higher location on the face, providing Houston patients with a nose that is better situated and more proportional.

  • Caudal Septal Extension Grafting

Sometimes a nose looks short because of an upturned nasal tip. With this situation, Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig will perform caudal septal extension grafting, which is the process of adding cartilage to the tip of the nose. The donor cartilage used in caudal septal extension grafting is typically harvested either from parts of your septum that don’t support the nose or from your rib cage.

  • Extended Spreader Grafts

A final way to lengthen the nose is through extended spreader grafts, which is a piece of harvested cartilage that Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig place in between the septum and the lateral cartilage.

Reason # 3: You Need Functional Rhinoplasty

Sometimes, rhinoplasty isn’t performed for cosmetic reasons at all. Every year Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig perform functional rhinoplasty on Houston patients who have difficulty breathing. If you have one of the following conditions, functional rhinoplasty may be a solution for you:

  • Chronic nasal congestion that just won’t go away;
  • You find yourself breathing through your mouth, especially at night;
  • You frequently have dry mouth;
  • You have noticed a reduced sense of smell;
  • You have recurring nosebleeds;
  • You suffer from repeated sinus infections;
  • You suffer from repeated sinus headaches;
  • You have Eustachian tube dysfunction; or
  • You have sleeping problems such as insomnia.

Learning More About Rhinoplasty

As you can see, there are several reasons why a Houston resident may need rhinoplasty. If you identify with one of the reasons listed above, or you otherwise think you may be a candidate for rhinoplasty, we recommend that you reach out to Dr. Fusi & Dr. Craig for a rhinoplasty consultation, which can be scheduled today by calling (713) 346-9909.