Dr. Stefano Fusi & Dr. E. Stirling Craig

Professional training from pioneering institutions for impeccable patient care and excellence in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

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Innovative Plastic Surgery & Advanced Patient Care

Both Dr. Stefano Fusi F.A.C.S. M.B.A. and Dr. E. Stirling Craig are Yale-trained specialists in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery with offices in both Guilford, CT and Houston, TX. Dr. Fusi has spent over twenty years familiarizing himself with the latest developments in breast reconstruction, facial, and body contouring procedures. Dr. Craig has held prestigious positions at MD Anderson’s Cancer Center in Houston and has developed her aesthetic and reconstructive surgical techniques through years of intensive training and practice at renowned institutions. Both doctors have acquired training from internationally recognized experts in microsurgery, breast reconstruction, lymphedema, and cosmetic procedures to continually enhance patients’ results and comfort. Call today to schedule to meet with us in Guilford, Connecticut or Houston, Texas.

Building Patient Rapport

Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig value time with their patients as much as continuing their advanced surgical training for plastic surgery procedures. Establishing a meaningful connection to fully understand each patient’s needs and ultimate goals in aesthetic or reconstructive surgery means sustaining patient happiness with results long after surgery has ended. When considering your needs and desired outcomes, come visit with Dr. Craig or Dr. Fusi and you will see why time and time again, these two surgeons are sought after for the exceptional technique and patient care.

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Breast Augmentation

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Real Patient Testimonials

Dr. E. Stirling Craig

When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon for elective or reconstructive procedures, you want to know you’re working with someone you can easily communicate with, who puts your needs first, and who is skillfully trained with an artist’s eye. That’s exactly why so many men and women choose Dr. Craig for their cosmetic surgeries. Her accomplishments include:

• Elected Administrative Plastic Surgery Chief Yale University
• Yale Plastic Surgery Research Award
• Allergan ASPS Stipend Award

Dr. Stefano Fusi, F.A.C.S., and M.B.A.

There’s something to be said about working with a plastic surgeon who’s successfully performed thousands and thousands of procedures and has generations of happy patients. Dr. Fusi’s plastic surgery career that spans nearly three decades, Originally from Italy, Dr. Fusi, has been studying medicine in the United States since 1981. His achievements include:
• Being a long-term faculty member at Yale University School of Medicine
• Starting his career in the U.S. by completing a postdoctoral fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Yale University School of Medicine
• Completing a fellowship with esteemed surgeon Dr. Tony Wolfe in craniofacial surgery.

Real Patients, Real Results

My name is Tina. I originally met Dr. Craig at MD Anderson she was the plastic surgeon on my team when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a huge worrier and she did absolutely everything she could to calm any fears, any anxieties answer every single questions that I had about my procedure. Every time I called Dr. Craig’s office with questions and it was a lot because I had four different procedures in one year. I was always made to feel important they answered every question addressed every concern and it was always handled very professionally and very efficiently..

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Global Outreach

Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig enjoy medical mission trips visiting countries whose residents are in dire need of surgical treatment. Focusing mainly on children with congenital deformities such as cleft lip and palate. As a part of this effort, Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig cover their own travel expenses and provide free surgical treatment to patients in need.

Each trip revolves around treating as many patients as possible in a limited amount of time. This means very long days, late into the night or early into the morning. Dr. Fusi and Dr. Craig spend time getting to know the people they treat, often overcoming language and cultural barriers to connect with patients on a personal level.

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